Ellie&Rachel Horn Couples Portraits

Ellie and Rachel got in touch with me to take some couples photos. I love working with other queer folks and helping them feel lovely and appreciated! I realized I’d actually seen Ellie around at dance events, the clue was when Ellie and Rachael started dancing! I think this was one of the most playful shoots I’ve ever had! This is particularly impressive as it was a really gray day. At least the fall leaves were in their full splendor!

Part of what I love about couples shoots is how they help each other feel comfortable, and watching them bloom as they get used to being photographed. I’ve never met a couple who was quite so acrobatic about it, though! I always welcome people to play around and come up with ideas, it’s important to me that my clients feel the photos capture something genuine about them J Ellie and Rachel are such a cute couple