Nate Gerry Promo Headshots!

This is one of those shoots that makes me look back and be proud of how far I’ve come! I actually went to college with Nate, and we were in an a capella group together for several years. We reconnected recently through the ecstatic dance community, and I joined in a virtual coffee house he put together at the beginning of the pandemic. He’s such a kind, creative person who’s great at bringing people together. It’s so nice to reconnect with people and support each other’s creative endeavors! You can check out his music below.

We met up at the Old Grist Mill in Sudbury. It was built by Henry Ford (of Ford motors) to make the town more picturesque, which it certainly is! The mill isn’t particularly functional, though. It’s super cute with its big red wheel, and several other photographers had the same idea I did! Most of the ground was still covered in ice, so I’m lucky Nate’s an intrepid soul. Like a lot of people, he’s not super comfortable being photographed, but luckily he has a blinding smile and a great sense of humor! We got lots of silly shots, which are important in any good photo shoot. I’m really glad I could help him take his music career farther! After the shoot, I explored around the mill and got lots of sparkly photos of the stream. Here’s hoping this was the last moment of winter this year!