Samantha, Wedding Photography: I wasn’t sold on the idea of getting a photographer for our wedding at first, but I’m so glad I listened to my wife! We were familiar with Leah’s work with portraits and event photography, and they seemed a natural fit for our 15-person wedding at a local restaurant. On a very cold day, when Leah was feeling under-the-weather, and having to juggle getting good shots of both sides of the family and a toddler, they did a phenomenal job. they went above and beyond for us. They walked out into the STREET for us (literally) to get the best possible shot. Our experience was unparalleled, and I would recommend them heartily as a wedding and event photographer. Thank you Leah!

Betty Jeanne, Wedding Photography: Leah is not only a talented professional herself, but organized a photo/video team of four (including themself) that met all our needs for documenting our whole wedding – which was a complex two-day, indoor/outdoor event. I’m delighted they are expanding the wedding portion of their business – I highly recommend them!

Carter&Baptiste, Wedding Photography: Leah has been a pleasure to work and communicate with before and after the wedding. Leah makes sure to know what you want out of the photo session and is overall really nice to interact with both in-person, on the phone or email. The resulting pictures were also good. On the D-Day (90 degree day, changing light), they let us go through the spots we had chosen for our photo shoots. Leah is really open to suggestions you may have and will adjust on the spot. There were some pretty tricky pictures to take with bubbles and these pictures turned out great! In the end the pictures were good, we have a great quantity of photos from the different locations and settings we wanted shots of, and we can proudly share our wedding day pictures with friends and family.

Kelly, Wedding Photography: Leah was our wedding photographer, and they couldn’t possibly have done a better job. In fact, we were so pleased with our wedding pictures, they did our baby pictures when our first child was born, and we’re booking them for a family portrait this fall too! They really know how to pull out the personality of everyone and get a perfect picture, and will keep working until they get JUST the right shot. If you need an awesome photographer who will give you 100%, great communication, and photos that will last lifetimes, then Leah is as good as it gets.

Reenie Murphy, Student: Having worked side by side with Leah, I can attest to her ability to make a positive, lasting impression on her students. Though a well-trained photographer herself, Leah is patient and sensitive toward her students and understands their individual capacity to learn.

Working with Leah resulted in a turning point in my own photography. They’re a natural, confident teacher as well as a curious learner and delights in her student’s success.

D. Street, Wedding Photography: There is absolutely no need to hesitate hiring Leah to take your wedding photographs.  They’re an accomplished photographer, artistic (if you want some flair…if not, they take great poses), is well organized, dependable and a very pleasant person.  

Henrietta Freeman, Senior Portraits: Leah has gone above and beyond! With a sense of urgency, my daughter needed a senior portrait for her Tufts senior memory book. Leah was very accommodating and quickly met my daughter on campus. Needless to say, the work is fabulous! I could not be more pleased. Thank you Leah for your professional and talented work.

Glenn, Professional Portraits: Leah has all the factors that make for a great photographer, including an eye for light and image composition, a relaxed friendly approach as they relate to they’re clients, and a thorough knowledge of today’s photographic technology.

David, Head Shots: Leah has a great eye for interesting locations and backgrounds; this often results in expressive candids that show who someone really is. They also has the ability to put people at ease so they don’t look stiff or wooden. I hired them to do a set of head shots for profile pictures and am quite pleased with the result.

Paula, Professional Headshots: This is my first time (besides my wedding in 1985) hiring a photographer.  I wanted the photos to be taken outside so specifically selected Leah for this.  It took awhile for us to schedule the date, and Leah was fast to respond, and very understanding when I had to cancel a few times.  During the shoot Leah was very professional, didn’t rush, and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I recommend Leah for any occasion.

Pascale, Fashion Portraits:  Shooting with Leah is a unique experience. Not many photographers take the time to get to know their subjects extensively prior to shooting, and even fewer make sure you are absolutely comfortable on set. Also, Leah is absolutely adorable, which is a plus!

Naomi, Personal Portraits: “It was a lot of fun working with Leah. They made it fun and insightful. It was more than pictures, it was getting to know each other, and I really liked that connection; it’s that connection that they capture in their photos. Simply beautiful.”

John, Event Photography: “Leah has an artist’s eye and years of experience capturing memorable events, creative portraits, and thought provoking artwork.”

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