Nina’s Senior Portraits

Nina’s mom Henrietta reached out to me from Texas about some senior portraits for the Tufts yearbook. Lucky for me I live just a couple hops away from the heart of Tufts campus! She needed some portraits with a backdrop to match the studio-style photos of the yearbook, so I brought my trusty portable backdrop and turned the back of a mobile classroom into a studio! It was a good editing challenge too, since I had to make my gray backdrop look like blue and match the style. As much as I love working outside, it does make keeping stray hairs in line tricky! I ended up editing out some rebellious tresses. Speaking of tresses, Nina managed to reach one of my personal goals, which is having curly hair by getting a perm recently. It sounded tempting, but I don’t think my hair could stand being bleached, colored, and permed! She looked great, and we bonded over our love of cozy sweaters.

Once we finished up with the backdrop, we got to wander to a few spots on campus during a truly spectacular golden hour. It was one of those days the weather decided to be nice, and it was super serene. Nina is a lovely human being, she’s easy to talk to, and generally made me feel at ease  I know it’s my job to put people at ease, but it certainly helps when you can both use humor to set a good mood! I asked her about her degree, and she said, “I’m doing a double major in biology and Environmental studies. The ES major is on the food systems & nutrition track if that makes it any spicier!” It makes me happy to see folks going into the workforce who are compassionate, have great open communication, and want to give back! It makes me feel hopeful 🙂