Lesley University Headshots

I had never managed to get to one of the alumni networking events at Lesley University, but having it virtual this year made it easy, and I’m glad I went this time! Alice Diamond is the Associate Dean for Career and Community Service. She helped out with the virtual event, and everyone was so welcoming. I got to connect with other alumni working in the fields they went to school for, and give some ideas to a younger photographer just starting the program. It’s inspiring to see other young folks doing what they love!
Alice reached out to me a couple weeks later. She needed updated headshots and wanted something outdoors with a little pizazz. Pizazz is hard to come by in the winter, but we found some greenery at Menotomy Rocks Park in Arlington, where there are tons of pine trees. There were also some elegant, white birch trees. Alice is such a friendly, welcoming person. Like a lot of people, she doesn’t have a lot of experience being photographed, so I made sure to make it a priority to put her at ease. She has a great sense of humor and a great laugh! I told her how I usually take at least one silly photo in each shoot, as it helps people relax. She made such a good silly face! She also wore a blue coat that she said usually hangs out at the back of her closet, but I’m glad she held onto it as it brought out her lovely blue eyes. I’m willing to bet there are countless students from Lesley that have benefitted from her experience and kind guidance.