Zak Hammond’s Headshots at Mount Auburn Cemetery

Over the summer I met another photographer named Lilia through a mutual creative acquaintance. She got in touch with me because she had a headshot client and something came up last minute, and I was happy to cover for her! She had the idea to go to Mount Auburn Cemetery, which might sound morose, but it’s one of the most beautiful spots around.

Zak is such a nice person with a great sense of humor! His wife came along so they could take a nice walk at Mount Auburn after the shoot, she parker herself on a camping chair on a ridge with a great view of the gothic style chapel. Zak and I got chatting about his work, he recently started working in employment law. He represents employees in wrongful termination, employment discrimination, whistleblower actions and wage & hour violations. If you’re interested, here’s their site: He wanted to find work that felt rewarding, which we both agreed is important for long-term happiness and avoiding burnout.

As much as I love working outside, wind can be tricky to work with. I asked him to “floop” his hair, brushing it out of his face and smoothing down any stragglers at every new spot we went to. Once we wrapped up and were looking for his wife, I told him a story about a time my partner and I were trying to find each other in the forest and how I do a silly birdcall to find them. He asked what it was, and I told him it’s a sort of “whoop whoop!” He said the best he could do was probably a “quack”, which I think is a great way of find someone, although you might get some odd looks! Thanks to Zak for a fun shoot!