Abridge Company Headshots

I was excited when Steve got in touch! His company Abridge has a specific style for their headshots that looks really nice. They have their staff in front of different colored walls outdoors with soft light, and after the shoot a graphic design artist adds a doodle related to each person’s specific role. I got to go on an adventure scouting out nice looking walls around town, and there were a lot of good spots on Mass Ave in Cambridge at Cameron Ave by the bike path.

Steve has helped program an app that records people’s trips to the doctor, makes notes of any important terms or directions, and helps people keep track of their medical records. This can be especially helpful to elderly folks, and it’s so wonderful to have more support to medical professionals right now! Here’s what he said about it: “The home page has links to download the mobile app. Give it a try! Our app is free, and it transcribes and summarizes notes from your conversations with your doctor. It’s a lot better than trying to remember everything they said!”

Steve and his family were in New Zealand when the pandemic hit, and the president of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, took the lockdown seriously and things were back to normal pretty quickly. One of the things he hasn’t access to since getting back is haircuts, so I had to keep an eye on flyaway hairs! He’s not the only client I’ve had with this problem J I was worried at first about his coat getting dirty when he took it off, but it had a pocket that it tucked neatly into like a sleeping bag. His glasses case also collapsed down, and I said how I admire efficient design. There’s nothing like style mixed with functionality!