Jason Henriksen Headshots

Jason and I went to the same church, and I actually photographed him a few years ago for a personal photo project. I was happy when he got in touch! He makes fantastic art, including some truly charming iridescent fruit stickers. He brought a couple for me, and they’re just my taste! I put them in my new car with my fairy sticker collection. He makes paintings, then turns them into stickers! It’s a great way to share your art. You can check out his Etsy here! 

Jason was looking for headshots that were a mix of relaxed/easy-going and professional. I think the photos make him look easy to talk to, which is true! He’s sweet and compassionate. He wanted the headshots to help with his job search- he’s working on starting his career in the non-profit world focusing on trans advocacy and tackling healthcare inequities. It’s so valuable to have people doing that kind of work, and I really admire it!