Halloween Kitties 2020

I’m lucky that my cat, Toad, is so easy to bribe, because I was able to train him to be a good model early on! Our new model is Pierogi, my lovely new roommate’s cat. It’s taken her a while to warm up to me so I wasn’t sure how she’d do, but she was wonderful! I set up the little makeshift studio in her room so she’d feel comfortable. It helps if you liberally sprinkle the studio with catnip and regularly drop treats. Every time I do a kitty photo shoot at home, I try to up my game a little. Last year I felt like my setup was a little more haphazard, so I wanted something more cohesive. I wanted a bountiful harvest vibe with a healthy dose of spooky. Toad was very good about letting me put a little witch hat on him! He didn’t love it, but he was so chilled out from all the catnip and treats that he didn’t really mind. Him and Piegori want everyone to have a great Halloween, and hope you find a fun, safe way to celebrate! Goodness knows we could all use some celebration right about now. Sadly I can’t come into people’s houses and do cat photo sessions, but I’m happy to photograph your dog in their Halloween best!