Gee Family Portraits by Tufts University

Another delighted porch portrait session! I’m really happy with how this one came out! This is the Gee family, they invited their lovely nanny to take some photos with them and had a fun time! Their backyard had some nice spots to work with. It’s surrounded by stone walls, one was covered with ivy, and one they had drawn rainbows on with chalk. The kids were bouncy and were so sweet with each other, she gave her little brother lots of kisses to get him to smile. They’re such a lovely family, and it was clear how much they love each other and spend time together. We got some photos with their little pumpkins on the front porch, with the spooky presence of paper ghosties in the background. They live across from Tufts University campus, and there’s a line of trees that were in full autumn glory. I’m loving doing porch portraits, I’m doing mini sessions and donating part to someone in the community through Mutual Aid. The sessions are 20-40 minutes for $75-$125. Get in touch if you’re interested!