Jean, Joe and Brandon Porch Portraits

I’ve known Jean, Joe, and their son Brandon since he was toddling around our Unitarian church, and he’s grown up to be a great young person! Brandon is in the same grade as the kid of a family friend, and I’ve sat in to provide support to their Sunday school class over the last 7 years. It’s been great to see them all grow into kind, conscientious people! Jean has taught Sunday school sometimes, and I have long admired her ability to keep the kids engaged, calm, and resolve issues in a kind way. She has a joy and enthusiasm that is infectious!

They are lucky to have a great back yard, and Brandon was using his Grandma’s binoculars to bird watch! We all talked about some of the ways it’s been hard to adapt to quarantine, but also some of the things we’ve gained. They’re enjoying having time to spend as a family. Brandon did some great chalk art! They also had a group of care bears waiting to welcome anyone coming up the road. It was wonderful to take a break from quarantine life to be in a colorful, magical place!