First Birthday Party

Just as the winter was starting to wind down, I had the opportunity to photograph a delightful 1st birthday party at Ming’s Seafood Restaurant in Malden Center.. The baby’s mom asked me to keep her information private, which is something I offer all my clients. It’s important to me that they decide how much of their info they want to share. They had a beautiful desert display made by Kimberly Mancini, I made sure to send her the photos I took! You can see her work on her site: Kim’s Candy Buffet

The family was so nice and welcoming, they made sure I had enough to eat, and everyone made sure to make room for me so my view wasn’t blocked. The baby (who I’ll call baby K), wasn’t sure she wanted to enjoy the party at first, since she had to wake up from a nap to go there, but she ended up having fun. She was such a neat baby, the hardly smashed the cupcake they gave her, and instead tried to share the frosting with her parents and cousins. All the kids had a great time putting together bags of candy and other goodies and playing with the sparkly party blowers. It was a great party, and I hope I get to work with this family again!