• Weddings and Engagements

    Welcome to my wedding and engagement page! I am available to shoot weddings and engagement photos year-round. My style is natural and candid, and I work with all my clients to make sure I capture everything they need covered. My rates are listed under the rates page, and I can work within your budget. I […]

  • Joe&Rebecca’s Magical Outdoor Wedding

    I was already excited to go to my friends Joe and Rebecca’s wedding, and I was planning on taking photos anyways, when their photographer cancelled! I like to photograph weddings anyways, so I was really happy when they hired me. I know them from a spiritual community I’m part of a place called Laurelin Farms, […]

  • Families and Children

    I’m available for family portraits outdoors, in your home, and with my portable studio. I do birthday parties, family events, holiday photos, etc. I have been working with kids for over ten years, and I have many techniques for entertaining and distracting them! Prices start at $175, see rates page for details.  

  • Head Shots

    I’m available for outdoor head shots or indoor, including a portable studio backdrop and light. I have a variety of backdrop colors, including black, white, gray, deep purple, and golden yellow. I specialize in head shots that are relaxed and candid while still being professional. It’s important to me to help people feel comfortable while […]

  • Rachel & Janelle’s Wedding

    I was lucky to photograph Rachel&Janelle’s wedding, as well as their engagement photos a few months before. I have a lot in common with them both, and we’re part o the same bigger queer community. Rachel is Pagan, which is an Earth-centered spiritual practice, and Janelle is Unitarian Universalist, and I grew up practicing both […]

  • First Birthday Party

    Just as the winter was starting to wind down, I had the opportunity to photograph a delightful 1st birthday party at Ming’s Seafood Restaurant in Malden Center.. The baby’s mom asked me to keep her information private, which is something I offer all my clients. It’s important to me that they decide how much of […]

  • Louisa & Jae’s Outdoor Wedding

    I met Louisa years ago through a mutual friend, and she’s been with her partner Jae for years. They decided to have a small wedding at the J.P. Arboretum with some friends and family on a beautiful summer day. The Arboretum is one of my favorite places to take photos, and I was happy to […]

  • Pet Photography now available!

    I’m now offering pet photography! I usually work with cats and dogs, but I have experience with guinea pigs and bunnies, too. I love working with animals, and I’m good at keeping them engaged and focused. You can contact me Here.

  • Rachel, Jeff, Mia and Jonah Family Portraits

    Before the weather got too cold, Rachel and Jeff Wolf Heyman reached out to me for some family portraits. We went to one of my favorite spots, Nathan Tufts Park in Powder House Circle in Somerville. It’s a quirky little park with a lot of history, and it has lots of statues and things commemorating […]

  • Justine&Chris Bodek’s Oceanside Wedding

    I photographed Justine and Chris’ wedding with the amazing Joey Phoenix, a good friend who I’ve worked with for several years. Justine is a school teacher, and Chris is a talented musician. It’s always been important to me to have a connection with the people I photograph, and I had a felt really welcome! I […]