• Jean, Joe and Brandon Porch Portraits

    I’ve known Jean, Joe, and their son Brandon since he was toddling around our Unitarian church, and he’s grown up to be a great young person! Brandon is in the same grade as the kid of a family friend, and I’ve sat in to provide support to their Sunday school class over the last 7 […]

  • The Liberty Battalion Military Ball at the Boston College Club

    I’ve started getting more work through the website Thumbtack recently, and one of those gigs was with the Liberty Battalion photographing their military ball at the Boston College Club downtown. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was fantastic! Most of the cadets and officers were around my age, and there were other queer […]

  • Maggie&Steve’s Wedding

    I had met Maggie and her adult daughter through my Unitarian Church, and I was thrilled when Maggie got in touch to photograph her engagement! Maggie and Steve’s engagement party was a blast, their whole house was chock full of people. Everyone was really accommodating and made sure I could get around them to get […]

  • Bhavika and Kushal’s Traditional Indian Wedding

    I photographed Bhavika and Kushal’s wedding just as winter was setting in, but before the snow arrived, which is a tricky time to take good photos! Like most Indian weddings, it started with a Baraat, which is an outdoor dance party and parade led by the groom riding on a white horse. It’s a wild […]

  • Justine&Chris Bodek’s Oceanside Wedding

    I photographed Justine and Chris’ wedding with the amazing Joey Phoenix, a good friend who I’ve worked with for several years. Justine is a school teacher, and Chris is a talented musician. It’s always been important to me to have a connection with the people I photograph, and I had a felt really welcome! I […]

  • Rachel & Janelle’s Wedding

    I was lucky to photograph Rachel&Janelle’s wedding, as well as their engagement photos a few months before. I have a lot in common with them both, and we’re part o the same bigger queer community. Rachel is Pagan, which is an Earth-centered spiritual practice, and Janelle is Unitarian Universalist, and I grew up practicing both […]

  • Lara Oshun Fabulous Family Photos

    Lara is friends with a client of mine whose maternity photos I did a while ago, you can see that post Here. The photo shoot was her gift to herself to feel beautiful and special on her 40th birthday, and to celebrate recent positive changes, including getting out of a relationship and moving to a […]

  • Roju&Rasheed’s Maternity Shoots

    A while ago, I photographed the beautiful Roju and her husband Rasheed. Roju was pregnant with their first child, and they had so much fun with the shoot! Roju has wonderful style, and she immediately identified me as a sparkle sister. She’s such a sweetie! Roju kept coming down the stairs in increasingly sparkly outfits, most […]

  • Dianna Sanchez Author Portraits

    Hello, friends! I have some photos I’m really happy to share of author Dianna Sanchez with her wonderful trilogy! We had fun taking some headshots, then we went full fairy and created a little fantasy landscape for her books. We matched her beautiful purple velvet coat with my dark purple background. Her daughter who I’ve […]

  • Shelby&Damien’s Outdoor Wedding

    Shelby and Damien planned their elopement just right to get the maximum beautiful foliage. They planned a trip to Salem, and Shelby picked a lovely spot down a magical and winding path in the Salem woods. I got to know Shelby a little as we were walking through the woods, she had on some beautiful […]