Lauren, Anna, David and Josh’s Poly Family!

I met the illustrious Lauren while dancing with my Faerie troupe at a Davis Sq festival, and she was immediately interested! She’s been part of the troupe for a couple years now, and is an amazing, swashbuckling, fiery faerie! She reached out to book a photo session for her and her partners. Anna is the faerie queen who connects everyone together, Lauren is dating her and the delightful David, the curly haired guy with glasses. Josh is so sweet and he’s adorable with Anna. Lauren suggested we go to Mahoney’s Garden center, which was genius! The staff was so welcoming. They even have a kitty named Abbie on staff keeping down the mice population! She followed us the whole shoot keeping an eye on us.

This was one of the most creative, energetic, and fun groups of people I’ve worked with! They had so many ideas like doing acrobatics, playing hide and seek in the tropical plants, Anna pretending to split firewood with her bare hands, and doing a prom style photo with all four of them. I almost didn’t want the shoot to end! I’m excited for the festival season to welcome them into the faerie troupe! They remind me why I love my job 🙂 And I love love!