Greenwood Park Family Portraits

This is one of my favorite spots to take photos! Like many families, they preferred I not use their names, but they kindly gave me permission to share the photos. I’m so happy with how they came out, so I’m glad to share them! Greensborough Park is a field by the Middlesex Fells, so there were many beautiful trees. There were two other photographers who had the same good idea!

2 year old M and 4 year old El lived up to the reputation of young kids everywhere by being bouncy and energetic. I love having kids in a shoot, it adds a lot of playfulness! It can also help the parents feel more comfortable. Once I get a few nice photos where everyone’s looking at the camera, I find it’s good to take little breaks for kids to run around and get some energy out, then come back and focus again. And of course, I have to get at least one silly face photo! Mom was surprised I managed to get as many good photos I did with all the running around! I’m so happy with how these photos came out, and I hope to get in a few more shoots before the weather gets too cold.