Rachel & Janelle’s Wedding

I was lucky to photograph Rachel&Janelle’s wedding, as well as their engagement photos a few months before. I have a lot in common with them both, and we’re part o the same bigger queer community. Rachel is Pagan, which is an Earth-centered spiritual practice, and Janelle is Unitarian Universalist, and I grew up practicing both faiths! Both practices focus on acting with compassion and working to better the world, both for the environment and for social justice. They had both a UU minister and a pagan officiant, (who happens to be a friend of mine, Mark Williams), in their ceremony.

When they were figuring out their budget, Rachel and Janelle decided they when they were figuring out their budget, Rachel and Janelle realize they wanted to put more of an emphasis on including friends and family and less on decorations etc. They still had lovely decorations, little delightful bubble wands, and beautiful dresses, and they were able to invite lots of people that care about, which was really beautiful.  They both have dietary restrictions, so instead of a traditional wedding cake, they had a fun strawberry cake with heart decorations! There was also a plethora of cupcakes for the guests.  It was an inter-generational group, ranging from babies to focus in their 70s and up! Overall, it was a really lovely ceremony and a very inclusive event. Everyone was so nice and considerate towards me, and made sure I had enough to eat and drink. Thanks to Rachel, Janelle, and all their friends and family for making me feel welcome!

I’m also proud to say that my work was featured in Boston Spirit Magazine! It’s a queer magazine, and they were doing a feature on unique queer weddings. They included an article about Rachel Schneewind&Janelle Annemarie Heideman‘s wedding that I photographed last May. I’ve included the article, the photo that was featured, and some of the other articles from the magazine. I also decided to add some extra rainbows by shooting the magazine by my crystal-filled window. It seemed appropriate 🙂