Lara Oshun Fabulous Family Photos

Lara is friends with a client of mine whose maternity photos I did a while ago, you can see that post Here. The photo shoot was her gift to herself to feel beautiful and special on her 40th birthday, and to celebrate recent positive changes, including getting out of a relationship and moving to a nice new place with her family. She has such a great sense of style, I brought all of my backdrops so we’d have lots of color options! I love the gold that we chose, and the white works nicely to set off her other outfits. Her first dress was her “wedding dress”, which her friend Roju made! I think she looks ethereal in it. Usually when I use my portable studio, I am taking headshots with simple backgrounds, and the photos tend to be ore understated. It was fun to go all out!

The whole time we were setting up and taking the first photos, her little boy Armani-Deen was getting sleepier in his Grandma’s lap, until he finally fell asleep entirely. Once everyone changed into their matching denim outfits, we managed to coax him awake, although he wasn’t totally convinced the photo shoot was a good idea. There’s nothing like the stare of a sleepy toddler! Lara’s 12 year old daughter Akeelah was bouncing around the house and helping Lara get ready. She was wonderfully helpful and brought great energy to the family photos! The last outfits were specially made, with special patches and beading. Just as we were wrapping up the shoot, Lara did one last fun celebratory pose, which I love! She’s a beautiful lady with a great family, and I’m so glad I got to be her photographer!