Han&Julian’s Wedding

I was so thrilled when Han and Julian reached out to me, and we clicked pretty much immediately! They both work in education and music, we had a cup of tea and I met their kitty. We started the day on an adventurous note trying to set up the disco ball, both Han and I climbed up a 20 ft ladder trying to find the switch. If there’s one thing to be said for queers, it’s that we can be handy in a pinch! The wedding was a great mix of formal and relaxed, everyone looked stellar and we did family portraits, but mostly everyone spent the day enjoying each other’s company and dancing. Han and Julian technically got married during the pandemic and this was the celebration, they didn’t have an officiant but spoke directly to each other. It’s clear how well they fit together, it’s a beautiful thing when people synch up so fully.

       Their family and friends were so much fun, too. Doing the groups photos was like being in an improv troupe! I got some fun shots I haven’t ever seen before. I also love that Han and Julian encouraged people to wear what made them happy, and there were so many incredible outfits. My favorite were the person with the neon green and black spiky platform boots, and someone had an adorable cottage core outfit with a lacy basket purse. Everyone danced to queer hits like Dance with Somebody, YMCA, and some disco. The cake looked like rainbow watercolors. It was a really magical day, and I’m so glad I got to be their photographer! I wish them all the happiness in the world!