Bhavika and Kushal’s Traditional Indian Wedding

I photographed Bhavika and Kushal’s wedding just as winter was setting in, but before the snow arrived, which is a tricky time to take good photos! Like most Indian weddings, it started with a Baraat, which is an outdoor dance party and parade led by the groom riding on a white horse. It’s a wild time! I actually prefer winter Baraats to summer, because you can dance to stay warm. The bride’s family then greets the groom and his friends and family, and they have a welcoming ritual. Bhavika and Kushal had a traditional Indian wedding ceremony, which is led by a priest, and includes blessings from the bride and groom’s parents. It’s a beautiful ceremony with a lot of history. Traditionally, there would be a ritual where the bride left her parent’s house and went to the groom’s family’s house, which is symbolic of her moving away from her family and on to her new married life. Since a lot of modern weddings are in one location, a lot of couples take a symbolic drive in a fancy car, and they crush a coconut under the wheels, which always makes for exciting photos! Then everyone takes a break before the couple enters the reception, and most weddings have toasts, choreographed dancing, and sometimes funny skits. This wedding was a great time, thank you to Bhavika and Kushal for having me!