100 First Days of Life Chinese Baby Celebration

After I took some fun family portraits of Linda, Wayne, and baby David, I photographed their traditional 100 First Days of Life celebration at Yong Yong restaurant in Malden. Linda and Wayne did a great job setting up a great party while still hosting! They got a cute cake, and they asked me to bring my purple velvet backdrop, which looked really nice with the gold balloons. Their family and friends were so nice and welcoming, they made sure I got enough to eat and drink and made me feel welcome during dinner.

 I learned a little about the traditions of the 100 First Days celebration at the party, and I read up more in this article: Link

The first thing I noticed were the brightly colored eggs on each table. They’re called red eggs, but in reality they were neon pink! The eggs symbolize symbolizing joy and renewed life, the kids at the party had fun playing with them. I brought a toy flower and a couple of the little girls had fun playing with it, and then they both decided to hug each other and everyone else around them. It was really sweet! The grown ups had fun passing baby David around, he had fun despite being sleepy. It was so nice to be part of this party full of friends and family celebrating together.