Glenn: “Leah has all the factors that make for a great photographer, including an eye for light and image composition, a relaxed friendly approach as she relates to her clients, and a thorough knowledge of today’s photographic technology.”

David D’Antonio: Leah has a great eye for interesting locations and backgrounds; this often results in expressive candids that show who someone really is. She also has the ability to put people at ease so they don’t look stiff or wooden. I hired her to do a set of head shots for profile pictures and am quite pleased with the result.

Pascale:  “Shooting with Leah is a unique experience. Not many photographers take the time to get to know their subjects extensively prior to shooting, and even fewer make sure you are absolutely comfortable on set. Also, Leah is absolutely adorable, which is a plus.”

Naomi: “It was a lot of fun working with Leah. She made it fun and insightful. It was more than pictures, it was getting to know each other, and I really liked that connection; it’s that connection that she captures in her photos. Simply beautiful.”

John Hodges: “Leah has an artist’s eye and years of experience capturing memorable events, creative portraits, and thought provoking artwork.”

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