Belleau Glass Art Gallery in Rhode Island

I’ve always loved glass art. It’s so fragile, but it can be so expressive and hold so much color and personality! Learning how to blow glass is definitely on my bucket list. I was exploring India Point Park in RI with a friend during a social distance visit, and she stumbled into this store and thought she might be lost in wonderland, or perhaps the secret garden! It’s fantastical. I had just been taking stark, dramatic photos by the beach (see below), it was such a welcome contrast. It’s like being in a butterfly garden, coral reef, alien forest, and florist all in one. Lisa who works there was so lovely and helpful! I wanted to photograph things like they were dynamic and alive, and with things with sharper lines like the vases, use the colors and the composition of the photo to help make the photos pop. Glass catches light in so many cool ways, there was so much to experiment with! Being in there made me want to frolic, but that would be a bad idea in a glass shop! I bought a little glass cane earring with a twisted rainbow inside, and my partner got me a little teal and orange hummingbird for Valentine’s Day! My best friend Meridith got me a stunning blue and rainbow dichroic glass pendant as an early 30th birthday present. It was so nice to spend Valentine’s day with my loved ones and have such a vibrant day!