New Years Eve DIY Fireworks

Every year I go downtown to Copley Square to celebrate First Night with my family and friends, and take photos of the parade, fireworks, and ice sculptures. Since we couldn’t go downtown this year, made our own fireworks! As a self-identified light nerd, I have lots of of things that light up. I gave a different string of lights to each person, and had them wiggle them around! I’ve always loved light painting, it’s something I always recommend my photo students check out. I’m really happy with the results! I’m taking advantage of the extra free time to take on more creative projects. My partner also got me my own baby Yoda for Christmas, and he wanted to join in


He was mesmerized by the glowing crystal ball! When we got home, my partner and I watch the ball drop in Times square. Happy new year, friends! Here’s hoping this year is a lot less troubled than this year. It would be hard for it to be worse!