Maggie&Steve’s Wedding

I had met Maggie and her adult daughter through my Unitarian Church, and I was thrilled when Maggie got in touch to photograph her engagement! Maggie and Steve’s engagement party was a blast, their whole house was chock full of people. Everyone was really accommodating and made sure I could get around them to get photos!

They had a small family wedding at the Colonial Inn in Concord, it’s a beautiful building with a lot of history. It was a beautiful spring day, and we got to take our time getting some lovely couples portraits. Both Maggie and Steve included their young adult children in the ceremony, and they both talked about how important it was to integrate their families and let the connections between all of them grow over time. They both wrote beautiful vows about how happy they made each other, how much they appreciated each other‘s support, and how much laughter they brought to each other’s lives. They invited their friend to play violin, which filled the small room beautifully. Many traditions include the sharing of sweets for celebrations, and they passed around a bowl of figs, which wasn’t entirely popular with all the young folks, but everyone was a good sport about it!

The emotional moment of exchanging the rings was briefly interrupted when both Maggie and Steve had trouble getting the rings on each other‘s fingers, and in the end it took a little bit of brute force. At Jewish weddings, it’s traditional for the couple to break a wine glass by stomping on it, usually inside of a cloth so broken glass doesn’t shatter everywhere. Steve felt a beautiful little wooden sculpture of two shapes that fit together, and he explained that it symbolize their relationship; because even when it broke in small ways, they would fix it together to make it better. I really appreciate there perspective and consideration, and I think they are well prepared for a long and wonderful marriage!