Pario Family Outdoor Portraits

My friend Miranda Aisling who runs the Miranda’s Hearth is connected to so many great people, and it’s been wonderful to share so many connections with her. One of those connections is the lovely Madelene Pario and her family! It was one of those multipurpose photo shoots, as it was an engagement shoot as well as family portraits, with some head shots thrown in for good measure. Madelene and her partner were so nice, and their kiddos has some great goofball ideas! It wasn’t just the kids who got silly, the grown ups gave them a run for their money! They live by a lovely little park on the ocean in Salem, MA. While I always suggest ideas I think might make for fun photos or help people relax, I also encourage them to suggest things, so that the photos reflect their family and their personalities. The kids got practically acrobatic! We then spent a few more minutes getting photos of Madelene and her partner, and then I went on my merry way! This shoot was part of my Porch Portrait Project, where I offer mini-sessions for a reduced rate of $65-$100 and donating part of each shoot to someone on my community through my local Mutual Aid group. get in touch if you’re interested!