Joe&Rebecca’s Magical Outdoor Wedding

I was already excited to go to my friends Joe and Rebecca’s wedding, and I was planning on taking photos anyways, when their photographer cancelled! I like to photograph weddings anyways, so I was really happy when they hired me. I know them from a spiritual community I’m part of a place called Laurelin Farms, which is a beautiful place, and I have tons of photos of the woods and the lovely people there. Joe and Rebecca live just around the corner, and I had never been to their house before! They have so much open space, as well as some gorgeous paths in the woods, as well as a maple syrup set up. I took a walk before the wedding to explore and get myself warmed up. The first photos I took with a heart-shaped crystal I carry in my camera bag, I use it to add rainbows to photos sometimes.

Joe is an amazing musician, and often provides fantastic drumming for our dancers. He’s been working more on his personal music, playing all the instruments and doing the vocals. It’s such a privilege to create music with him. Rebecca is a teacher, and has also been studying belly dancing, which is one of the things we connect on. I’ve had many great in-depth conversations with both of them, and I’m glad to have them as friends.

They had a neo-pagan ceremony that was officiated by our friend Kirk White, who is a main organizer at Laurelin Farms. As part of the ceremony, they set up altars to the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) as they fall in the pentagram, I’ve included an example of this at the end of the post. Here’s how Joe described the ceremony:

“Each element was attributed to aspects/virtues that we wanted commit ourselves to: passion and creativity for Fire, communication and intellect for Air, emotion and connection for Water, and safety and security for Earth, and with spirit holding dominion over the elements, signifying our spiritual connection and growth. We walked the path of the pentagram in the direction that would invoke fire, sealing our passion for one another and our evolution as people.”

For music, they had the lively Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band, who are actually based out of Somerville. We had a wonderful outdoor dance party next to a portable Viking ship with a beer keg inside! It was wonderful creative safe space, and I felt really at home. There were tons of fun things like giant tentacles around the stage, a big wiggly multicolor lantern, and giant Jenga! Later in the evening, we had professional fire dancers from a traveling circus perform, and Joe had tons of fun playing with their giant flaming metal heart. He started “drumming” on it along to the music, and him and Rebecca got to play with it until the fuel tank was empty. I had fun playing with long exposure photos with my flash, which allows me to get a clear photo of everyone, and do “light painting” with things like the bonfire, LED lights, and glow sticks. I wanted to capture the magical, vibrant feel of the wedding. I got some photos I love of Rebecca dancing by the bonfire. At the end of the night, we set off a few fireworks, which looked beautiful in the starry sky. Overall, I had fun experimenting and taking gorgeous outdoor photos of everyone!