Rachel, Jeff, Mia and Jonah Family Portraits

Before the weather got too cold, Rachel and Jeff Wolf Heyman reached out to me for some family portraits. We went to one of my favorite spots, Nathan Tufts Park in Powder House Circle in Somerville. It’s a quirky little park with a lot of history, and it has lots of statues and things commemorating things like the old pickle factory, and a sheep statue commemorating a farm. The kids, Mia and Jonah, had fun exploring. They “rode” the sheep statue, and they had fun checking out the small, mysterious stone door in the side of the rock wall. I call it a troll door!

It can be tricky photographing kids, since they’re often high energy, but I have a few strategies that be helpful, and Jonah and Mia did a great job! I’m really happy with the photos I got of them, as well as the whole family together. I encourage siblings to give each other “squeeze hugs”, which is a good way to get them to be affectionate while also having fun. I also find it help kids and adults to start out the shoot with some silly faces. It can be good not to take yourself too seriously! I like to strike a balance of creating structure for the kids by suggesting ideas, while also encouraging them to offer their own ideas. I want them to feel like they’re participating, not just being told what to do. I find that genuine fun makes for the best photos! Mia mentioned she’s a dancer, so I had her do some dance poses, and that helped her relax so we could get some more traditional photos. I’m grateful to her, Jonah, Rachel and Jeff for helping make this a fun shoot!