Boston First Night New Years Eve Celebration

I have a tradition with my family of going downtown for Boston First Night, and we’ve only missed one or two since I was a baby. I always bring my camera, and it’s a real challenge to get good photos, considering how dark it is and how much commotion there is, so I’m always happy when I get good photos. I love colors, and I love holiday lights, and there’s plenty of that at First Night! I tried to capture the feeling of being there, the sense of playfulness and celebration. I had fun photographing the fireworks, I always try to get something different with them. I got some photos with interesting textures, and some that I think look like landscapes. It was tricky capturing the parade, as it moves so fast, and you have to follow the movement with your camera at the same speed that the parade is moving, but I got some I’m really happy with. I was also proud of the outfit I put together, I wore LED jewelry including bracelets, a necklace, earrings, a headband, and sparkle makeup. I felt like a one-person parade! Overall, I feel like I captured the magic of the experience.