Vermont Magic Vacation and State Fair

Recently I took a vacation with my mom to various parts of Vermont, we have a lot of friends up there and had been meaning to have a mini vaca together. We spent a lot of time with my good friend, Victoria Greenia, who’s an amazing energy healer, massage therapist, and reiki certified master. She does something called Bio Tuning, which uses tuning forks to help clear energy. I’ve been getting to know her for the last couple years, and she is an amazing friend!

I had a great time photographing Victoria, as well as her kitties. She also recently bought a bird skull necklace made by our friends of the band Metamorph. Metamorph is an amazing goth, eclectic magical band, you can access there music here: Metamorph MusicĀ I’ll be posting lots of photos of Metamorph soon, I’ll be collaborating with them in all sorts of exciting ways soon!! Victoria and I decided to take some photos of some wings she found and a skull she bought.

On our last day, my mom and I went to the Vermont State Fair in Rutland. There were so many wonderful animals, my favorite moment is when I got to hug a baby kangaroo! Her name is pebbles, and she was 4 months old. She was so soft and very curious! There was also a whole building full of local maple syrup products, as well as exhibits about the history of maple syrup. There was also a whole other building just for cheese! The whole fair was very Vermont.