Anne Baker’s Boston Portraits

I had the pleasure of photographing Anne Baker in downtown Boston right before the pride parade. It was quite an adventure! Anne runs Two Crowns, a marketing and communications company in Melbourne, Australia. She asked me to document part of her trip to Boston for social media, and we took a mix of documentary style photos and candid portraits in China town, the Boston Common, the Public Garden, and the pride parade.

Anne is a uniquely kind, thoughtful, and motivated person. It’s always great to connect with other people who started their own businesses, and Anne’s kindness is clear in how she approaches her work. Since we were near the pride parade, we got to talking about queer issues, discrimination, and relationships. We had a great time, which is always helpful for getting good photos. She also had all sorts of fun ideas for the shoot, which I appreciated. Good luck to her in all her endeavors! You can see her work in the links below: