Chris&Jen’s One Year Anniversary Photos

Chris got in touch with me because he wanted to book a photo shoot as an anniversary with his wife, Jen. They didn’t get any outdoor portraits at their wedding, and wanted some nice photos for themselves and their family. I had a great time working with them! They told me they were nervous, but I could hardly tell looking at the photos- they’re so comfortable with each other.

This is one of my favorite times to shoot outdoors, there are so many blossoms, but enough green on the trees to make some colorful and lovely photos. We also ended up with some gorgeous sunlight! We were taking photos up the street from Chris and Jen’s apartment in Cambridge, and one of their neighbors saw us and offered to let us shoot by a blooming cherry tree in his back yard. His yard was stunning, and it was so nice of him! They had a fountain, some shrines, an antique door with gold and red carvings, and a super neat greenhouse office space! I love it when people come together on beautiful spring days, it’s magical how people come outside and have this shared experience. Hooray for spring!