Belmont Continuing Education Photography Class

I recently finished teaching a digital photography 101 class through Belmont Continuing Education. I’ve taught classes with middle school kids and tutored individual adults before, but this was my first big class with all adults. I was nervous at first, but it ended up being so much fun! It can be a little unnerving teaching adults who are pretty much all 10-20 years older than you, but they respected my knowledge and were really easy going. A couple of my students told me the class was the highlight of their week! They all improved so much.

I like to teach the technical and artistic sides of photography together to give my students a sense of context. It doesn’t matter if you know where all the buttons are if you don’t know what they mean! Also, photography is more fun when you get to actually take pictures.

It’s great to see how each student develops their style during the class. My student Anna always showed up to class with colorful leggings related to whatever holiday was closest. She has a great eye for color and pattern! My student David was great at using mundane things like construction sites to create abstract landscapes. He’s great at using line and color creatively. Elena took some beautiful photos of her daughter. She has great attention to detail and a lot of patience, and she’s also great at finding different kinds of light. Larissa took great engaging and colorful photos, she’s great at choosing the framing to get the most out of the light. I was always impressed by the work she brought in, which is more impressive when you consider she was usually with her two young daughters while out shooting! Paul has a great eye for line and texture, and make some beautiful detailed nature shots that are almost abstract. He’s especially good at photographing water. All my students had so many great questions, and were a delight to teach! I’m looking forward to teaching this class again in March. If you or someone you know wants to take a photography 101 class,  you can sign up here: