Iceland Adventures- Golden Circle Tour

I’ve been wanting to post my photos from my trip to Iceland for a while, but I had to put it on hold when I moved to a new apartment. I’m so glad I get to share them now!
On my second day in Iceland, I did what’s called the Golden Circle tour. First I stopped at ├×ingvellir National Park, which has this beautiful ravine. One of the many myths in Iceland is about elf stones- the elves, or “hidden folk”, can peak out of the stones during the day, and come out at night. Looking at the stone ravine at the national park, I could see why that myth was born. Also, I could see the patterns of the lava all around me. Iceland is such a straightforward place- it’s history is clearly visible in it’s culture and in the landscape. The people are also delightfully direct.
The next stop on the Golden Circle tour was to a Geysir park. All the names for things in Icelandic are so literal- the geysir named Litli Geysir translates to “little geysir”, and there was one named “medium geysir”. Each geysir was different, there was one that erupted every 5 minutes. I got some action shots of it as it erupted!
The last step on the Golden Circle tour if Gullfoss, or “The Golden Waterfall”. It was cloudy the day I went, so it wasn’t sunny enough to be golden, but it was still spectacular. The waterfall is sideways, and the water crashes against and creates beautiful patterns of mist. There was a sense of openness and fun in the people on the tour. I think being around something so beautifulI brings out the best in people.
I found a website with a 360 degree view of the waterfall, enjoy!