Iceland Adventures- Klambratún park

I recently had one of the best adventures of my life! I’ve wanted to go to Iceland since I was 15, and I finally made it happen last month. I’ll be making many posts in the next couple weeks, as I want to give as much details about all the places I went to. There’s no way I could fit it all into one post! The first place I went after I got settled into the hostel was Klambratún park. There’s a bizarre sculpture park there, including some intense viking art. Across from the park, there was a moss-covered lava field. I spent at least an hour hiking through it, just feeling connected to the land. There were some stone walls built into the field, I don’t know if they were ancient or modern. There was also a tiny house built into the ground, I don’t know if it was functional or if it was made for the mythical Huldufólk (elves and trolls etc.). There are so many things in Iceland that are strange like that, that are there just to be fun or beautiful.

If you don’t know, the sun only sets for a few hours in the summer in Iceland. I was there around 10 PM, but there was plenty of light! It was magical, but rather disorienting. Even in my jet-lagged state, my mind felt very clear, and I felt so at home. I would have stayed there for hours, if I didn’t need to get up early the next morning. I miss it so much!