Sam&Lena’s Wedding

For the last couple years, I’ve done family portraits for the Hickey Family- the mom, Emily, put me in touch with her sister in law, who was looking for a wedding photographer. That’s what led me to photograph Sam (Samantha) and Lena’s wedding! They wanted more natural, casual photography, which is my forte! It was a small local event held at the Stockyard Restaurant in Brighton. The bad news is I was up with a stomach bug all night, but the good news everything went really well anyways! Sam and Lena were so understanding, and their friends and family were so lovely and cooperative. Incidentally, I happen to know the Unitarian minister who officiated the ceremony! I actually photographed her ordainment a few years when she became a minister. I’m really happy with how the photos came out, especially since I was pretty sick when I took them and wasn’t on my A-game. Thanks to Emily and Brad Hickey for getting me the gig, and to Sam and Lena for being excellent and kind!