New Years Eve

Almost every year since I was a baby, I’ve gone to the First Night parade in downtown Boston with my family. This year, I spent time with my friend Michael Costello at the Museum of Science before the parade. We went to the butterfly garden (one of my favorite places), and he kindly took some photos of me. He also stood still for a long time so I could photograph a butterfly that had landed on his leg.

Then we meandered downtown to meet my family. There were lights in the trees of the Boston Common and the Public Garden, and taking photos was like being a kid in a candy store! We all went down to Copley Square to see the ice sculptures and watch the parade. I played with slow shutter speeds to try to capture the sense of movement of the parade as well as the fireworks. I enjoy seeing how my photography has changed every time I photograph the parade, since it’s so fast and complex, and difficult to capture. I’m looking forward to another year of running my photography business! As always, I’m grateful to everyone who’s supported me. Happy new years, everybody!