Fourth of July weekend fireworks and adventures

Most years, I spend the fourth of July weekend with my Goddess parents (like godparents, but slightly different). This year, however, their bathroom is being redone, which makes holding a party rather difficult. Instead, I got together with my close family friends, my parents and my partner, and we took a day trip to the museum.

I’ve developed other fourth of July traditions, including going to the Somerville Fireworks and watching the Boston fireworks from Robbin’s Farm in Arlington. I had a blast photographing the Somerville fireworks, I got a great up close view, and it gave me a chance to experiment with focus, long exposure and moving the camera. For those who don’t know much about photography, the shutter of the camera acts like an eye that blinks, and if you leave it open for a long time, things look blurry, and you get light trails. Also, you can change the focus of your camera to make it sharp or fuzzy. I went totally crazy and did both in the same photo. I also shook, spun and pointed my camera at different spots. Let me know how you like the results!

On Monday the 4th, my family, my housemates and I went up to Robbin’s farm. We enjoyed playing on the giant slides, eating tasty picnic food and watching the sun set. The fireworks were too far to get good shots, but the sky was magnificent. I highly recommend the location as an alternative to going to the esplanade- it’s much calmer and quieter, and they have live music and ice cream!