H.P. Rawlings Nature Conservatory in Baltimore

One of the first adventures I had in Baltimore was taking the bus to the H.P. Rawlings Nature Conservatory in Druid Hill Park. It took a lot of meandering and asking for directions before I found it. Fortunately, the bus driver and everyone else I met was friendly and helpful! It was a nice break from the more distant attitude I tend to find in the Northeast. I spent hours in the conservatory, writing, taking photos, and meditating. When I saw the koi pond, I got inspired to take some photos with low shutter speed. If you don’t know what that means, shutter speed controls how fast or slow the camera opens and closes the shutter.¬†Using a slow shutter speed let me capture the flowing movements of the fish and the water.

The whole building was divided up by climate type. Some of my favorite rooms were the rainforest room and the desert room. The latter was pretty scary; everything in it had spikes, needles and various other pokey things! It was a fascinating experience moving back and forth from one type of climate to another.