Conceptual Photography

This is the portfolio from my first gallery show in my hometown of Arlington, MA. It was graciously hosted by the Old Schwamb Mill, a historic site that doubles as an art gallery. Visit their site here:

The show was incredibly gratifying, I feel blessed to have had that opportunity. I am also very proud of this portfolio. I sold five photographs! The title of my show was Choices: Using the Quirks of the Camera Make Magic”. The artist statement is as follows:

These photographs present a wordless story. It is a story of the ways that I choose to make meaning out of my experiences, and you as the viewer are invited to create your own meaning and your own story. Photography is the intersection of the subjective way that human beings perceive reality and the mechanical eye of the camera. I choose to embrace the natural flaws and quirks of the camera, which allows me to capture light in a way the human eye cannot. I made choices in how to use the camera, and these photographs are windows into the ways I choose to make meaning out of reality.