Welcome to my website! Here you will find a variety of work including portraiture, event and wedding photography, and conceptual photography. Come and explore a while. Thank you!
  • Weddings and Engagements

    Welcome to my wedding and engagement portfolio! I am available to shoot weddings and engagement photos year-round. My rates are reasonable, and I can work within your budget. I can also travel, having recently acquired a car! Please email me for a price quote  or any other questions at Leahcsphotography@gmail.com.

  • Family and Child Photography

    This is my portfolio of families and children! I am available for portrait sessions, birthday parties, and any kind of event you can think of. I have been working with kids for over ten years, as a babysitter, teacher, and friend. I have many techniques for entertaining and distracting the little ones! Email or call(…)

  • Event Photography

    These are some examples of my event photography. I photograph conferences, weddings, performances, family events and parties. My style is strategically candid; I compose the photos, but encouraged people to be themselves. I have a good eye for detail. I am versatile, which helps me adapt to different shooting styles and environments. I think that(…)

  • Promotional Photography

    These are some examples of my promotional photography. I am available for on-site photo shoots, studio portraits, and photographing shows. I also provide consultation to help you design and plan the look of the photos. This includes deciding what the message and intention of the photos will be, as well as location, clothing etc. Email(…)

  • Senior Thesis Project

    This is my senior thesis. The title of the work is Photography Teaches Me To See You. The artist statement is as follows: “The people in each of these photographs are both asking and telling you something. My intent is to show the people I photograph how beautiful and whole they are. When I photograph(…)